Location Action Tracker Token, compatible with Arkham Horror LCG
Location Action Tracker Token, compatible with Arkham Horror LCG
Location Action Tracker Token, compatible with Arkham Horror LCG

Location Action Tracker Token, compatible with Arkham Horror LCG

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“I have seen the dark universe yawning

Where the black planets roll without tokens,

Where they roll in their horror unheeded,

Without knowledge, or lustre, or BuyTheSameToken”

What makes it special?

What’s worse than losing a scenario? Winning it then realising you’ve accidentally cheated. Say hello to these Arkham Horror LCG compatible Location Action Tracker tokens which will help players determine remaining actions available on location cards within scenarios. Offered in colours that represent each class, it has never been easier to remember which investigator in your group may have used their ‘once per game’ location action.

What does this listing consist of?

Location action tracker tokens are 17mm in diameter, are etched on a single side and painted white.

This set / item consists of consists of the following:

Choice of the following designs/Classes, acrylic colours and paints:

  • Neutral Grey tint (painted white)
  • Neutral Black opaque (painted white)
  • Green Translucent (painted white)
  • Red Translucent (painted white)
  • Blue Translucent (painted white)
  • Purple Translucent (painted white)
  • Orange Translucent (painted white)


Why Choose BTST?

  • Designed and manufactured at the Buy The Same Token studio, in Sussex, England.
  • As gamers ourselves all our items are thoroughly play tested to ensure they are not only beautiful to behold but practical to play.
  • Our tokens are all double sided and easy to flip over.
  • We use the best quality paints to ensure all our designs are not only thematic and striking but also easy to read.
  • All our items are robustly made from the finest materials, designed to last.

Lead Time:

Please refer to our “Lead Time” page from the main menu for current Lead Times

Acrylic Technical Details:

These items are laser etched and cut from the highest quality 3mm acrylic and painted using high quality heavy body acrylic paint. Please see photos for scale comparisons.

These items are typically supplied with a white protective paper film front and back to protect them during production and transit which should be removed once received.

Although most of our acrylic items are cut from 3mm acrylic, this material is of low tolerance and therefore may deviate up to 0.7mm -/+ in thickness. Although every effort is made to ensure your tokens are table ready once received and peeled, if there any issues with your items please let us know so that we can make it right.


Ruler, miniatures, cards and backgrounds for scale purposes only.

These are third-party accessories designed and manufactured by Buy The Same Token. Though compatible they are not associated with or officially endorsed by Fantasy Flight Games, Asmodee or any other entity.






Location Action Tracker Token, compatible with Arkham Horror LCG